For use in children age <2. If Child over 2 years old, standard GCS has been shown to be slightly superior. (Standard GCS page)


  • 4pt – Open spontaneously
  • 3pt – Open to verbal stimuli
  • 2pt – Open to pain only
  • 1pt – No response


  • 5pt – Coos, babbles
  • 4pt – Irritable cries
  • 3pt – Cries in response to pain
  • 2pt – Moans in response to pain
  • 1pt – No response


  • 6pt – Moves spontaneously / purposefully
  • 5pt – Withdraws to touch
  • 4pt – Withdraws to pain
  • 3pt – Flexor posturing to pain
  • 2pt – Extensor posturing to pain
  • 1pt – No response
Head Injury Classification:
  • ≥13 – minor head injury.
  • 9-12 – moderate head injury.
  • ≤8 – severe head injury.

Most useful when stated as individual scores and total:  E4,V5,M6= 15

MDCalc link.


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